Photo gallery in and outdoors... 2006, January

 Beautiful Tequila

 Queen of the house,

 resting in the sofa.

 Galliano - The King....  
 He is VERY handsome

 and chatty...

 ...but knows how to show

  an ugly face too :-P


 Lilja - The Princess...

 All the kittens favourite nanny.

 Tequila posing on

 the leopard cheese.

 This girl has a beautiful

 profile and coat...

 Unfortunately she's not

 intrested in showing it

 up on shows...

   Well, here is Demeter.

 She loves the bathroom

 - as most of the kittens do.

 She's got a lot to tell about

 playing with water...

 ...drinking it... or diving...?  
Shimbleshank is also a relaxed and chatty boy just like his father. Beyond that he is very playful and he seems to grow to a BIG boy. Already as big as Tequila. His weight is (january 20th) 4,4 kg.  

Some outdoor photos!


It has snowed a few days ago and I went out with my camera in the catrun...

Shimbleshank and Bombalurina climbing...


Shimbleshank and Lilja :-)

For those who wonders....

He didn't get stucked.

Hi! I'm handsome Shimleshank!  
Yellow tiger...?  
Tequila on a walk. She loves it!  
The snow is deep...