The Sultan Photo gallery - April 2006

Finally it has arrived... Galliano and Tequila has waited for two patient years... That's a loooong wait!      
   Looking good. Cozy!  
  Galliano liked the house on the top from the first sight, two years ago at DLK show in Uddevalla 2004.  
  A walkabout around the house  
  My Prrrecioussss!  
  Family invited :-)  
  Shimleshank and Demeter test-relaxing...  
  Good view from the playground too...  
  just try to catch me! Lilja seem to think...  
  Shimbleshank in the Amalka, next to the new Sultan.

This is the way he is lying when he has hair care :-)

  Tequila in the new home  
  Looooong schratch for a looong cat!  
  The hole is appreciated to play through *S*  
  Lilja and Demeter at the room with a view!  
  Holy cat!  
  Galliano waiting for the bed... patient... very patient...  
  Tequila doen't really want to leave the cozy bed...  
  ...but in the end... the king has his castle.