Happy Birthday Lilja!



Celebration of Lilja's first birthday December 28th (sorry for the late web update).


Lilja first was a bit suspicious about the candle...
...but then.... she saw it was just a tin of cat food with a lot of good stuff on it... Jummy!!!
When the candle is blown out the party can start!
Demeter was quick to find one of the dried fishes on the top of the cake... She dragged it away a bit to be sure she didn't have to share.. ;-P
The last cake slaughter by Shimbleshank!
Demeter resting in the bathroom on a towel.
Some love to share... :-)

Bombalurina is very cuddly.

Galliano sometimes a bit comfused weither he was born a dog or cat...

:-P  :-P  :-P

Cuddly Bombalurina...
Demeter just woken up from the daily nap.
Shimbleshank in "Bertik". Commonly used by all the cats.
...and Galliano want's to be sure he get some updated photos on the web!