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   DK*Midnatstjernen's Tequila Sunrise  


The Queen - DK*Midnatsstjernen's Tequila Sunrise

Göteborg (Mölndal) show december 2004.


Tequila makes sure that no one else is buying Gallianos favourite, the Sultan.


Pleeeease, buy this x-mas cheese for me and Galliano!

Tequila wanted to keep the x-mas cheese... and she convinced us... now it is a favourite for play and rest.


We came home with a funny cat nip toy from katz


The yellow blanket is another favourite.


* * * * * * * * *


Our little immigrant from Denmark liked the sofa cushions from the first day...


Another favourite corner for a nap.


Catched! on photo... Maybe she wanted to take care of Gallianos favourite plant. Nice try!