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Tequila (neuter) Dracena (neuter) Faylinn
  Madame (neuter) Giulietta
In loving memory: Lilja

In loving memory: Cremona


DK*Midnatstjernen's Tequila Sunrise


- the Queen of the castle -

Born 2004-05-03. EMS code: NFO f 09 23.

HCM tested: normal 2006-05-14

GSD4 tested normal 2009-05-24


Qila  is a sweet, determined, playful lady.

She is a heavy female with good size (4.5 kilos) and length. Very good bone structure. She has a excellent NFO head, with excellent expression, excellent profile, proportions and a strong chin. Her eyes has excellent shape and with excellent look. Her ears has excellent size and are excellent set. She has excellent coat. Her tail is bushy, with excellent length.

She's often the judge's favourite... Unfortunately she don't like shows, prefering to stay at home. So we let her do so. She's our only cat that has achieved HP at a show! :-) Maybe we try with another show again sometime.

She takes very good care of her kittens, it seems she really enjoys the life of a mother.

Thank you Jeanette and Torben for the confidence to let this sweet immigrant lady to move to Sweden and stay with us!

Tequila's Personal Photo Gallery was added 2009-07-20.

Mother of litter 1 (Cats) 2005, litter 2 (Mythology) 2006, and litter 4 (Audio) 2007.
Tequila was neutered 2011-04-13.


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S*Fridalas Dracena


Born 2006-05-21

EMS code: NFO fs 23

HCM tested: normal 2007-11-29

GSD4 tested normal 2009-05-24


  We have visited Dracena a few times at S*Fridalas. She's a very social girl, just as our Galliano...

Dracena is our purring female. She loves to be around the family and purr on everyones lap - including guests. But most of all she preffers to phurr in Sebastian's lap.

She's also an adventurius girl, always looking for new exiting toys.

Mother of litter 3, Superheroes. Born 2007-05-27.

Mother of litter 5, IT. Born 2009-03-10.

Thank you Gunnel and Claes for this purring little silver tortie girl!

Take a look in the photo gallery!

Dracena was neutered 2011-04-13.



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  Madame Flod is the daughter of S*Humletassens Bombalurina, from our first litter CATS.

Bombalurina was a special cat for us in many, many ways but since it was our first litter and there was a lovely family where she would be appreciated for her phurr  - we decided to sell her and hoped for grand children later on. 

After a two year wait the kittens finally arrived. We have fell in love with Madame Flod. It seem she has many of the qualities from her mother that we love so much. 

She's really a madame!

Madame's personal photo gallery updated 2009-01-01.

Madame was neutered 2011-04-13. She had one litter and gave birth to a black and white dream: S*Humletassens Disco Volante.

CH S*Bokmalins Madame Flod   Madame with mother S*Humletassens Passionate Bombalurina "Humlan".
Born 2008-05-09.   Pedigree
EMS code: NFO n 03 24   Thank you Malin for letting beautiful Madame to move to the cattery of Humletassens! Madame's Personal Photo Gallery
HCM status: Will be tested before mating.   Photo galleries



    Faylinn acts like a sweet princess,

just as our first host cat S*Zygot's Lilja Isblå. She preferres to chirp instead of speaking with the usual cat meow. She loves the catrun and to cuddle in mummys lap.

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      Faylinn got her 1st litter at S*Zygots.

Thank you Annika and Mats for another Zygot's princess!

CH S*Zygot's Faylinn      
  (host cat)        
  Born 2008-07-30        
  EMS code: NFO w        



  Giulietta's page is still under construction   When Giulietta was born in litter Alfa Romeo, it was quite soon decided that she would stay in the cattery. She is brown spotted without white, just as our beloved Galliano. 

Giulietta's parents are our CH S*Bokmalins Madame and IC S*Zygot's Ul-Bin.

      Giuliettas's Personal Photo Gallery
  S*Humletassens Giulietta        
  Born 2010-07-15        
  EMS code: NFO n 24        

Females in S*Humletassens Loving Memory


Kråkan was the first to wake us up early in the mornings with soft paws and a sweet purr... Always replied when spoken to.

She loved to be out for a night hunt in the catrun. She was fast and lithe as a polecat, as we say in Sweden. 

When she was HCM scanned we found out she had a difficult heart disease (not HCM). 

Lilja passed the rainbow bridge. Her illness (water in lungs due to heart problems) propably resulted in too little oxygene to her brain, which resulted in an almost epileptic attack. Despite her heart condition, she became almost five years old. 

Once again, thank you Annika and Mats. There's not enough words to explain how much we loved her and appriciated her presence. She truly was a "once in a life time" cat.

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S*Zygot's Lilja Isblå


Born 2008-11-28

Deceased 2009-10-30

EMS code: NFO f 02 61

Lilja made sure we did woke up gently...

HCM tested: normal 2006-05-14


Cremona Sunfire


Born 2007-07-26

EMS code: NFO f 09 22

HCM status: Normal 


Both parents tested GSD4 normal 2009-05-24

  Cremona is the daughter of our first cats, Galliano and Tequila. Born in litter Audio, our 4th litter.

She'sl a young sweet determined lady with a lot of qualities from both Galliano and Tequila. That's why we decided to keep her.

Cremona's personal photo gallery was updated 2009-01-01.

Cremona disapeared after a breakout from the catrun in summer 2009. 
We have still not found her. 

Our "lightbulb tailtip" is dearly missed in the catrun.







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