About us... and the cattery S*Humletassens

S*Humletassens was registered in August 2005, a small cattery located outside of Gothenburg city centre.
The name Humletassens comes from the combination of bumble bees (Bumble bee is humla in Swedish) and paw (tass), and the fact that cat paws are as soft as bumle bees...We have a lot of them in our garden, and they are very attracted of eachother! And yes, and at that time we had hops (humle in swedish) plant growing in the garden too. Since then we have moved so a new plant will of course be planted.
This plant is used in brewing beer which leads us into another interesting fact...
The history of our first NFO cats names are different spirits. It began with my old lady Pripps, then with Galliano and of course - not to be forget to mention his father S*Tassajara's mr Warsteiner... A very tasty beer. 
So here starts our history as breeders...

The story goes on with shows and we wanted company to Galliano, so we bought Tequila from Denmark...It was hard to find a suitable girl, and when Tequila moved to us as a female for breeding. We gave it a try since Galliano behaved himself indoors
Our first litter CATS (named after the famous musical CATS by Andrew Lloyd Webber) was born in 2005, on June 22nd.
The cats...
The cats are true family members for us, and lives with us indoors.
In spring 2007 we moved to our farm in Torslanda. Here we have found a bit of paradise, for us and the cats!
Here grows both hops, and a big chestnut tree with a lot of humming bumle bees!
Except for the house, they have direct access to the 2000 m2 catrun, our garden.
There's a lot of butterflies, and trees to climb in.
When weather is bad there's possibility to take shelter in small houses.
Cheers for S*Humletassens and all the cats!
Heli & Henrik Lindgren

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